Our company was founded in 2004 by the landscape architect Meriç Tekinmeriç. Meriç Tekinmeriç is an experienced landscape design firm with 27 years of professional experience and a young dynamic team. It is aimed to combine excellent and contemporary landscape design with environmental planning in all works, from individual projects to regional scale projects. Meriç Tekinmeriç Landscape Design Group, with its detailed and special studies on the basis of the project, the sensitivity and knowledge in the technical solutions of the problems, the constant follow-up of the current news on new materials and techniques, has signed the project.


Meric Tekinmeriç Landscape Design Group, Turkey's various cities and abroad in landscape design, implementation, has carried out consultancy and project management services. Our work covers many areas such as hotels, houses, villas, sites, educational institutions, shopping malls, restaurants, road junction and median arrangements.


Meriç Tekinmeriç Landscape Design Group; designs all open spaces and landscape structures except buildings. In addition, it has specialized in the design of application-specific products such as garden furniture and lighting elements.


Meriç Tekinmeriç Landscape Design Group;


• Fully meeting the expectations of its customers

• Can be applied with the most appropriate budget

• In the shortest time possible

• Economical to operate and maintain

• With its Botanical Design, which becomes more beautiful every day


He makes extraordinary designs.


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