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Our company's experience on plant species living in the Mediterranean climate and their supply opportunities in the world played an important role in the selection for this project. This hotel's planting project is the most ambitious project made so far in Turkey.

Within the scope of this project; our company has prepared the landscape projects of the hotel established on an area of 80.000 m². The project prepared includes the designs of all open areas (swimming pools, roads, sports fields, sunbathing terraces, etc.) and engineering projects such as garden lighting, irrigation system and detailed projects.

Our company also had the opportunity to work with companies that are experts of their specialty. We worked with: ICM (USA) ( and Reynolds Polymer (USA) ( about aquariums in the swimming pools William Pye (UK) ( who is a designer of modern waterworks.

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Kundu, Antalya / TURKIYE

80.000 m²

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Zafer Construction


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