Meric Tekinmeric Landscape Design Group designs all open spaces and landscape structures excluding buildings. Apart from this, it has also gained expertise in products specifically for application such as landscape furniture and lighting.


Meric Tekinmeric Landscape Design Group;


Creates extraordinary designs which;


• Precisely meet it's clients needs

• Are implicated with the most suitable budget in the market

• The fastest and most economical to operate and maintain

• Grow beautiful day by day with their landscape design 

The most important factor of our success is that we carry out quality designs with a suitable budget not with the highest costs.


Our Project services consist of the following stages;


1. A Preliminary study and Pre-Project

2. Definite Project

3. Application Projects

- Hardscape Application Projects

- Softscape Application Projects

- Technical Report

4. Detailed Projects

5. Services for preparing an Estimate File